If you are visiting Gedser Odde or that part of Denmark:

You are wellcome to visit the Bird Observatory and to parcicipate in excursions published on the right side of our homepage https://www.gedserfuglestation.dk/. The discriptions are in Danish as most of the participants. But most Danes do understand English and speak it quite well. 

Up-to-date overview of latest birds recorded in south-east Denmark in "DOFbasen"

If you are interested in scientific results:

We have started to publish results from the migration counts and ringing at Gedser Odde on this homepage. In some of the reports and papers we have a summary in English, English text under figures and tables and English or scientific names for the bird species.

Reports from each year about the migration counts:  https://www.gedserfuglestation.dk/resultater/traektaelling/arsresultater-traektaelling

 Analytical reports about the migration counts: https://www.gedserfuglestation.dk/resultater/traektaelling/analyser-og-artikler-om-fugletraekket.

Reports from each year about the ringing: https://www.gedserfuglestation.dk/resultater/fangst/arsresultater-ringmaerkning

Analytical reports about the ringing: https://www.gedserfuglestation.dk/resultater/fangst/analyser-om-ringmaerkning