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søndag 30. august 2020
af Alex Buxton

Light south-easterly winds and a clear sky this morning brought a little taste of autumn colours. A slight increase of Rødhals and the arrival of Jernspurv started the day off. The net rounds progressed at a steady rate allowing for our new trainee Emma to receive a thorough introduction into the science of ringing and tackle the subtle differences between 1k and 2k+ Munk. Quickly the day heated up reaching 19 degrees by 10:45. Activity came to a stand-still.

dunnock Rie 1
 1k Jernspurv indicated by a pale brown iris and pale coloured base of lower mandible.

Raptor watching was the priority of the afternoon. A large thermal of 22 Musvåger and 2 Rød Glente was seen from the Lighthouse above the cumulus clouds. 2 Lærkefalke, 5 Fiskeørne and approximately 10,000 Svaler were seen from the tip.

Today’s ringing totals:

Skovpiber / Tree Pipit 1
Gærdesmutte / Eurasian Wren 1
Jernspurv / Dunnock 3
Rødhals/ European Robin 8, recaptures 1
Nattergal / Thrush Nightingale, recaptures 1
Rødstjert / Common Redstart 5
Kærsanger / Marsh Warbler 1
Gulbug / Icterine Warbler 2
Løvsanger / Willow Warbler 8, recaptures 1
Gærdesanger / Lesser Whitethroat 12, recaptures 2
Tornsanger / Common Whitethroat 7
Havesanger / Garden Warbler 7
Munk / Eurasian Blackcap 15
Sydlig Gransanger / Common Chiffchaff 3 
Broget Fluesanapper / Pied Flycatcher 3
Skovspurv / Eurasian Tree Sparrow 2

 Total ringed 78recaptures 3

DSC 0426

2k+ Han Hvid vipstjert