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Feels like autumn but where are the birds?

lørdag 3. september 2016
af Simon Davies

A much more autumnal feeling morning (apart from the lack of birds!) - overcast with a moderate westerly wind with little bits of drizzle moving through; there was however an almost complete lack of birds in the garden and therefore in the nets we could open with just 8 new birds ringed, two Redstarts the best of it!

Todays totals (for what they are worth!) - 1 Dunnock / Jernspurv;  2 Redstart / Roedstjert;  1 Blackbird / Solsort;  2 Lesser Whitethroat / Gaerdesanger;  1 Garden Warbler / Havesanger;  1 Willow Warbler / Loevsanger

                After the drizzle had moved through at lunchtime there was a brief burst of raptors moving through as my counts included 18 Honey Buzzards and an Osprey with a few Sparrowhawks, Kestrels and Marsh Harriers – pretty much all of them moved to the west of the station with many of them heading due west into the wind over Gedser town and Kroghage.

IMG 3047 450x288

Honey Buzzard

                A walk out to the point and north along the coast late afternoon then produced 3 Marsh Harriers and a flock of 12 Ruff south with 4 Common Sandpipers and a Turnstone on the beach.

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