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onsdag 7. september 2016
af Simon Davies

The glorious summer like conditions continue but the tropical weather doesn’t really equate to large numbers of birds in the nets as we just managed 29 new birds through the morning but the total was highlighted by a smart first winter Red-breasted Flycatcher.   There were far fewer birds overhead as well with a few flocks of Siskins and Chaffinches first thing but these soon petered out before a few Sparrowhawks started moving through.

Today's totals - 1 Sparrowhawk / Spurvehoeg;  1 Tree Pipit / Skovpiber;  8 Robin / Roedhals;  2 Redstart / Roedstjert;  1 Blackbird / Solsort;  1 Reed Warbler / Roersanger;  7 Lesser Whitethroat / Gaerdesanger;  1 Whitethroat / Tornsanger;  3 Blackcap / Munk;  2 Chiffchaff / Gransanger;  1 Willow Warbler / Loevsanger;  1 Red-breasted Flycatcher / Lille Fluesnapper

DSCN6640 399x450

Red-breasted Flycatcher

                There were a few raptors from the point in the afternoon (1500-1730) including single Osprey, Honey Buzzard and Marsh Harrier with 22 Sparrowhawks but yet again they were all nowhere near the actual tip, all passing by far off to the west over the fields; other birds during the watch included a single Little Gull, a flock of 8 Bar-tailed Godwits, a Red-necked Grebe, 39 Sandwich Terns, 10 Common Terns, 15 Common Scoter, 3 Wigeon and 2 Swifts with a trickle of hirundines.

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