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just a normal day in May

søndag 2. maj 2021
af Robert Luttik


Yesterday I arrived at the station in the afternoon. Henrick was still there. Nice to see the man behind some of the blogs in the last months. And was really surprised that Nina and Claus Jannick were there. Had not seen them for a long time. Corona makes live a bit difficult and prevents seeing some of the people you would like to meet more. Corona is also the reason that there are not many people at the station. Besides the weekend nobody is staying here, so a bit lonely maybe. Will see what happens.
Nowadays I live in Gjerrild (Djursland) and have a big garden there, where I also ring birds and in case you want to know what I catch overthere see www.trektellen.nl and look for the location Gjerrild (RL). The site can be switched among other languages also to danish to make your live easier.
No pictures today but we caught about 50 birds (see table). Half of the birds were robins.

captures 2may2021


Hope tomorrow will be still good. Later this week we will start already with the autumn. Forecast is not really good,

With kind regards