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Almost autumn but not yet

mandag 3. maj 2021
af Robert Luttik

This morning was not really promising. Too much wind for nice catching and a chance of getting rain. I decided not to open too many nets. There were some birds in the nets when I made my first round. When ringing them little leaves were dropping from the trees (autumn?). No, it were petals from the flowers in the trees and when they were lying on the ground it looked just whether it had hailed (see picture). I closed around 11 o'clock with a total of 31 birds. More than half were recaptures of the days before. In total 10 species and the nicest one was a male Redstart (Rødstjert) and of this one I made a picture for you. Hope you like it too.

leaves looking like hail

captures 3may2021

rodstjert RL

Tomorrow does not look promising at all. The weather forecast is really bad: a lot of wind and probably also some rain. Maybe I go to bed again after looking what the situation really will be. I do not think I have to phone Hans for asking him to help me.

Yesterday I placed two nets at the pond, but have not used them today and probably the first time will be at the end of the week. Let's hope that that will be the case.

With kind regards