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First chick

tirsdag 8. juni 2021

Today, the sky was cloudy when I woke up but it slowly turned into this bright summerly day. The birds were indeed more active this morning and I got a few probably migrating birds. With the heat, it decreased throughout the morning and I was surprised to still get that many unringed reproducing lesser whitethroats (gærdesanger) in the garden.

The reed and marsh warblers were a good training for me and I was really happy to get a reed warbler to compare them. In summer, I ring about 2000 of reed´s so that felt funny to be happy to get two!

I also got my first new born chick of the season after a couple of hour ringing. It was a really cute Tree sparrow with feathers still growing. It wouldn't behave for the picture and is even pouring its tongue out!


All in all, i was a really nice day, I got a few more birds than the previous day and I'm still waiting for a more rare birds ;)

08 06 2021