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Gone with the wind

søndag 12. september 2021
Hardly birds in the garden
af Robert Luttik

Today was a day with not much to do. There was a bit wind but not too much and I opened all the nets. But there were no birds, first round 4 and then 2 rounds with nothing. In total I caught 13 birds (8 species, 12 new ones and 1 recapture). Bird of the day was a female Sparrowhawk (see picture).



Because there was not much bird news I will close the blog of the day with three moth species that I found in or near the light trap.  The first is a "Hvidrandet Jordugle" (Flame Shoulder Moth), the second is a "Trefarvet måler eller Nåleskov-måler (Barred Red) and the last one a Haveugle (Bright-line Brown-eye). All common ones but nice ones.