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Day of the Tree pipits

mandag 13. september 2021
I dag 4 Skovpiber

Today started as yesterday in first rounds hardly any birds. There were only a few birds in the garden, but later around 10 o’clock there was a little influx of new birds. The special species of the day was the Tree Pipit (Skovpiber) of which I caught 4 individuals. The third Goldcrest of the season popped up and there was a recapture of a sumpmejse (one of my favourites). In total 37 birds (14 species, 30 new ones and 7 recaptures).



The moth of the day is the L-album Wainscot (det hvide L eller det store L). This moth species is relative new for Denmark and is only found on the east side of Denmark and only at one location in Fyn (information from Naturbasen). Hans Lind is the man with the most sightings of this moth. For me it was the first time.

witte l

Till tomorrow (hopefully with more birds than the last two days).

With kind regards