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Seasonally appropriate

onsdag 28. september 2016
af Simon Davies

Overcast with a blazing force 7-8 south-easterly wind meant that, perhaps for the first time it actually felt like autumn but the conditions severely limited how many nets we could open as we only just managed to carry out a standardised session; the very meagre total of 15 new birds caught did however include another smart first winter Red-breasted Flycatcher.

Today's ringing totals - 3 Wren / Gaerdesmutte;  5 Robin / Roedhals;  1 Blackcap / Munk;  3 Chiffchaff / Gransanger;  2 Goldcrest / Fuglekonge;  1 Red-breasted Flycatcher / Lille Fluesnapper

                Not too much else to mention in difficult conditions (sunny and bright in the afternoon but the strong wind remained) with 3 Rough-legged Buzzards, 3 Red Kites and a smattering of Kestrels and Sparrowhawk across the fields north of Gedser before a walk up the coast just produced 2 Rock Pipits and a Wheatear on the beach.

IMG 5510 450x297

Rock Pipits

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