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Only just

søndag 9. oktober 2016
af Simon Davies

Rain first thing led to a delayed start but we just managed to get five hours of ringing in through the morning and managed a decent 115 new birds before it started raining again at lunchtime; the total mainly comprised 49 Siskins with several flocks hitting the nets all together, the rest were the usual 12 Robins, 12 Chiffchaffs and 15 Blue Tits.

Today's totals - 1 Sparrowhawk / Spurvehoeg;  5 Wren / Gaerdesmutte;  2 Dunnock / Jernspurv;  12 Robin / Roedhals;  2 Blackbird / Solsort;  2 Song Thrush / Sangdrossel;  12 Chiffchaff / Gransanger;  7 Goldcrest / Fuglekonge;  15 Blue Tit / Blamejse;  2 Tree Sparrow / Skovspurv;  2 Greenfinch / Groenirisk;  49 Siskin / Groensisken;  4 Reed Bunting / Roerspurv

                There was little else to mention through the whole rain interrupted day with a few small flocks of Chaffinches, Bramblings, Siskins and Blue Tits over the garden during the dryish morning with the Barnacle Goose flock spitting up on occasion and noisily passing overhead several times and a Slavonian Grebe close inshore just off the front field late morning.

IMG 6336 450x276

Grey Plover