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As announced by it self yesterday the first Icterine Warbler of the year

tirsdag 10. maj 2022
Første Gulbug
af Robert Luttik

Again a day with only a few birds in the nets. In total 17 birds (10 species) and including 4 recaptures. But one of the recaptures was an Icterine Warbler (Gulbug) caught in 2021 in the garden and ringed as a first year bird (1K), maybe even born in the garden. The Garden Warbler (Havesanger) was ringed in 2019 in the garden too as a 2K+ which means that the bird is at least 5 years old.

10 mei 2022

Bird of the day: Gulbug


Moths of the day.

This night I had 3 new species and will show them all. From left to right the Flame Shoulder Moth (Hvidrandet Jordugle), the Bordered Apamea Moth (Aksugle) and the White-Point (Hvid-punkt Græsugle). All rather common moths.

Hvidrandet Jordugleaksuglehvid punkt graesugle

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