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Help with ringing but hardly birds

fredag 13. maj 2022
First Barn Swallow, første Landsvale
af Robert Luttik

Because there would be helping hands today I opened all the nets except one too much in the wind. But there were hardly birds in the garden. Only a few new ones and the breeding birds know were the nets are.

Highlight of the day was a Barn Swallow (landsvale), first one for the year, an adult male with nice streamers. And we had the second Spotted Flycatcher (Grå Fluesnapper) of the season.

In total 26 birds including 4 recaptures (see table)

13 mei 2022

I have some pictures of the higlights of the day and a funny looking Blackcap (Munk).


landsvale gra fluesnapper munk

I had a few new species of moths and have chosen to show the Birch Mocha (Birk-bæltemåler) and another picture of the Poplar Hawkmoth (Poppelsværmer) because it was showing itself in optima forma. It is another one than the one of yesterday.

birke baeltemaler   poppel

Till tomorrow