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Hot Fun

tirsdag 16. august 2022
af Chris Sharp

Like much of Europe we are having high temperatures here too.  Though a benefit of opening the nets pre-dawn is that we benefit from coolish morning air.  With the continued heatwave we were not expecting to catch a great number of birds but we were pleased with the day's total and variety.

Chris continues his re-acquaitance with warblers; Stav gets to know a few more northern European birds (she is from Israel); and Daniel and Esben just enjoyed the birds - the essential element of the bird ringing process.  Having reasonable numbers allowed everyone to enjoy the features of the birds, particularly the colours on the whinchat, black redstart and the hidden black-bib on the juvenile redstart.  After the first few rounds Daniel and Esben retired to chairs next to one of the nets and repaired a couple of shelf strings that net - models for a modern Rembrandt.


IMG_0008.JPGThe heat of the afternoon was spent with eveyone taking long siestas as there are plans afoot for some ringing activity tonight: Esben and Daniel trying lamping on the shore with the aide of a thermal camera; and Chris and Stav will try for nightjars as they disturbed one when opening the nets this morning.

People at the station: Henrik Jørgensen, Chris Sharp, Stav Shay, Daniel Bloche and Esben Hansen.

Todays birds were:Udklip.JPG