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Goldcrest still being in migration

torsdag 20. oktober 2016
af Laila Aranda Romero

The weather conditions today have been really good for ringing, so we have kept going ringing until sunset. As previous days, we have had an invasion of Goldcrests fying all around the garden and of course many of them endep up in our nets ;),  making us to close down nets up to two during all morning. Once the Goldcrest number went down (more reasonable), we re-opened the nets and we were looking forward to get more species diversity.  In fact, we have ringed a total of 678 new individuals and more impressive 24 different species!!!

The Hightlights for today have been the Yellow-Browed Warbler, 12 Northen Long-Tailed Tits ( the cutest bird ever: " copitos de nieve" as I like to call them in Spanish which means snowflakes), 11 Lesser Redpolls, 2 Firecrests and the amazing female Hawfinch.

In addition, it has been an amazing day for migration. Thousands birds have been migrating over our heads todays. Every time we have looked at the sky, there have been a large flock of thrushes ( Fieldfares and Mistle Thrushes mainly) and finches (Siskins, Chaffinches, Goldfinches,... ) several Sparrowhawks or Jackdaws;  and also a few Red Kites, Merlins, Barn Swallows,.....

Totals:  Wrens  26  /  Dunnock  1  / Blackbird  3  /  Song Thrush  2  / Redwing  1  /  Blackcap  3  / Yellow-Browed Warbler  1 / Chiffchaff 8 /Goldcrest  486 / Firecrest 2  Treecreeper  3  /  Tree Sparrow  1 /Northern Long-Tailed Tit  12  /              Southern Long-Tailed Tit  2 /  Blue Tit  29  / Great Tit  18 / Chaffinch  5  /  Greenfinch  1  /  Siskin  19  /  Lesser Redpoll  1  /  Bullfinch  1  /                  Northern Bullfinch  1 / Hawfinch  1