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Robins versus Goldcrests

onsdag 26. oktober 2016
af Laila Aranda Romero

We have enjoyed another  sunny and "dominguero" day with a total of 345 individuals ringed and 16 different species. Unlike previous days, Robins have been the main start for today with 173 new individuals ringed, which makes us to think the Goldcrest peak migration is over and it would be a shift to Robins/Dunnocks.

As yesterday, there have been no many birds migrating properly to South instead  small flocks of siskins, bullfinches, redpolls, fieldfares  and redwings were moving around the area waiting for the right wind conditions to cross the sea, and lucky us, some of them ended up in our nets ;).

The most exciting observation was made by Simon: the first Waxwing for the autumn flying over. We did put the playback but unfortunately we have not managed to trap it today, maybe tomorrow is the day. I am really looking forward as I have never seen one at all. It is a real "bimbo" ( or also called lifer) in any sense for me and I would love to see it well or even better to handle it!!

Totals: Wrens  12  /  Dunnock  3  /  Robins  173  /  Blackbird  7  /  Song Thrush  6  /  Redwing  6  /  Chiffchaff  18  /  Goldcrest  48  /  Firecrest  1  /  Great Tit 1  /  Chaffinch  1  /  Greenfinch  3  /  Siskin  26  /  Common Redpoll  18  / Lesser Redpoll  14  / Bullfinch  7