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An amazing unexpected day

torsdag 27. oktober 2016
af Laila Aranda Romero

Sorry for the delay. Yesterday we had a few issues with the Internet and I didn´t manage to upload the blog. Anyway, better late than never ;).

As we expected the day was not very  fruitful (too windy!!!!) in numbers with just 64 new individuals ringed, being the Robins the main star without any doubts (45 banded). However, we had four amazing surprise along the day, starting with the first Long-eared Owl for the year during the first round. In fact, I was still a bit half-asleep when we made the owl to fly away, so it took me a few seconds to realize which bird could be, and the most important, that we could have one owl on the nes¡ts.  After this,  I run and checked all the nets close by until I found it on one of them!!!! :)

Gedser 8 11 2008 Gert Jeppesen

Arkivfoto fra 8. november 2008, v/Gert Jeppesen

One hour later, Simon came really happy with the second surprise: a nice Lesser Whitethroat with a "funny" looking, which made Simon to think that it can be from the Eastern population. In fact, it looked totally different from any other Lesser Whitethroat seen before. Although it needs to be confirmed, we´re quite optimistic about it and it looks quite promissing ;). What do you think???

2016 10 27 Lesser whitethroat IMG 55361

The third one was a Ring Ouzel juvenile, totally unexpected as noone had heard it around the garden for the last days.  In fact, Lars and me were just talking about which species he would like to ring and the Ring Ouzel was a lifer for him!!! No anymore!!!

IMG 2634

The last but not the least, it happened when we decided to close because it got really slowly and we´re just having Robin controls. So, no more exciting when suddenly I found an amazing Sparrowhawk female trapped and of course I had to run again before it could scape it!!! And I asked for helped because it was also the first time to handle an Sparrowhak and to ring it!!!

IMG 2639

In other words, we had a great ringing day despite of the low numbers!!!!!

Totals: Sparrowhawk  1  /  Long-eared Owl  1  /  Wrens  4  /  Robins  45  /  Ring Ouzel  1  /  Blackbird  4  /  Song Thrush  1  /  Lesser Whitethroat  1  /  Chiffchaff  3  /  Goldcrest  1  /  Blue Tit  2