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Turdus sp day

mandag 31. oktober 2016
af Laila Aranda Romero

Another rare and unexpected day:  None of us would have guesses that Blackbirds could be the main start of the day with 21 new individuals ringed (plus many more flying too high for our nets). The weather conditions, cloudy and not windy at all, were perfects for a busy ringing day; but unfortunately it got quite earlier than expected as birds suddenly vanished, leading a total of 50 new individuals ringed and 13 different species. If, anyone knows where they have gone, just please tells us; because it's still being a mystery ;)).

Today highlights have been the Mistle Thrush as it always surprises me how large and bulky are on the hand comparing to others thrushes;  the Yellowhammer which doesn't sound exotic for you but I'm from Spain where  the Cirl Bunting are the common one ;),  and the Northern Bullfinches as there are never enough to get tiring of them.

DSCN7235 391x450

Hopefully, we'll have a busier day tomorrow and looking forward to see what tomorrow will bring us.

Totals: Wren  3  /  Dunnock  2  /  Blackbird  21  /  Song Thrush  21  /  Redwing  1  /  Mistle Thrush  1  /  Goldcrest  4  /  Blue  Tit  3  /  Greenfinch 1  /  Goldfinch  1  /  Siskin  6  /  Northern Bullfinch  3  /  Yellowhammer  1