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The first Black Redstart "Husrødstjert" for this spring!

torsdag 23. marts 2023
af Hanelie Sidhu

This morning was rainy and quite windy, so Nina and I just went up, saw that we couldn´t open the nets today and went back to bed again, we were still a bit tired from our long trip yesterday.

Morning Observation at Gedser Odde: Ole went out for morning Observations and had a quite good morning with some other observers he met at the tip. They had two second calendar year Little Gulls “Dværgmåge”, six Woodlarks “Hedelærke”, nine White Wagtails “Hvid Vipstjert” and quite a lot of Chaffinches “Bogfinke” migrating south. There were also two Sandwich Terns “Splitterne” going east. We are still waiting for the numbers of Eiders “Ederfugl” to increase, there were less then 1500 migrating this morning, so we are expecting more to come soon.

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In the afternoon, Nina and I did some Data checking, our new guest Svend-Erik arrived and at some point in the afternoon, we all went on a walk. There were quite some birds in die area. Svend-Erik and I met close to the tip and saw some Sandwich Terns “Splitterne” and three Stonechats “Sortstrubet Bynkefugl” at Birkemose. Both Nina and I saw a female Black Redstart “Husrødstjert”, probable the same one. It was the first we saw this year. There were also Meadow Pipits “Engpiber” around.


Meadow Pipit "Engpiber". Foto: Hanelie Sidhu

Nina saw a Red Kite “Rød Glente” and a White-tailed Eagle “Havørn”. When I came back from my walk, I could observe a Firecrest “Rødtoppet Fuglekonge” with a ring for a very long time. It was very busy feeding in some bushes in the garden. And in late afternoon, the garden was full of Redwings “Vindrossel”, we should have opend the nets, as the wind had slowed down a lot – next time. Now we are planning to go nightcatching – we will update you tomorrow, if we get something!

People: Hanelie Sidhu, Nina Yasmin Ali, Ole Friis Larsen, Gert Jeppesen, our guest Svend-Erik.