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Too much wind and rain

fredag 24. marts 2023
af Hanelie Sidhu

First, I promised you an update on yesterdays nightcatching, so here it is: Nina and I went to Kroghage but there were nearly no birds on the ground to catch. It was quite interesting to be out though, as we could hear many nocturnal flight calls of Redwings “Vindrossel” and there were also quite some ducks migrating, we could hear their calls and also see them in little flocks through the thermal binocular.


Scull of a Kestrel "Tårnfalk" I found on the field. Foto: Hanelie Sidhu

This morning, it was raining quite a lot and also the wind was to heavy to open the nets. Also for observations, it wouldn´t have been nice, so we went to bed again to enjoy some more sleep today. Svend- Erik went out in the morning though for one hour counting, then it also got to wet for him. There were some Eiders “Ederfugl” migrating and he also saw the Sandwich Terns “Splitterne” again during the day.

Nina left about this late morning/noon and Henrik arrived in the early afternoon. During the day, the weater got a little better and Henrik, Svend-Erik and I had some cake and talks mainly about ringing and birds in the garden. The weather does not look much better for tomorrow morning, but we hope to be out again though tomorrow.

People: Henrik Jørgensen, Hanelie Sidhu, Nina Yasmin Ali, our guest Svend-Erik.