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A funny Redwing "Vindrossel"

lørdag 25. marts 2023
af Ole Friis Larsen & Hanelie Sidhu

Ringing: This morning started with quite a lot of wind and there was also quite some rain on the radar. Nevertheless, Henrik and I (Hanelie) opened most nets and although there were some short periods with quite a lot of rain, where we were very close to shut them down, we could keep the nets open the whole five hours and went on rounds in shorter time periods, if necessary. Regarding the a bit trick and shitty whether, we caught a quite good amount of birds. A funny Redwing “Vindrossel”, that always looked to ceiling, when we wanted to take pictures, was the highlight.


Redwing "Vindrossel" Foto: Hanelie Sidhu

You can see its a bit unconventional profile on the picture, but it vehemently insisted on that pose. Henrik had his first Chiffchaff for the season and one new ringed Firecrest “Rødtoppet Fuglekonge” was very nice. Unfortunately, the deer, which is staying around the house and which is quite cite to look at ran in one of the nets, to make sure, that I really had enough work to do, and so I mended the net in the afternoon.


Tomorrow, at least no rain according to the forecast, so let´s see what the morning will bring.

People: Henrik Jørgensen, Hanelie Sidhu, Ole Friis Larsen, our guest Svend-Erik.