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A slow snowy morning with a nice surprise

tirsdag 28. marts 2023
af Hanelie Sidhu

When Henrik and I went out, it was still very cold and in the early morning, it began to snow. The paths and the roof of the house got white as they were covered by a thin layer of snow. Just Rudolf, the Red-nosed “Rain-“ deer, which keeps running in our nets from time to time would have needed to come and we would have believed it is Christmas.  


The snow of this morning. Foto: Hanelie Sidhu

But he did not show up, just the hair and maybe it believed that is was Christmas as it made us the big pleasure not to run in the nets. Birdwise, we had a very slow morning, there were mostly recaptures in the nets. Some of the Gold-and Firecrest “Fuglekonge og Rødtoppet Fuglekonge” recaptures we helped a bit with migration after controlling them, that means we brought them a few meters further to Birkemose, as we keep to recapture them since many days now. And still, we had a nice surprise in the ringing today, we got a Woodcock “Scovsneppe” in the net. It is not very often and not every year, that we catch them here, and we thought, most of them left already to their breeding grounds further north, probably in Russia. So it was very nice to see it in hand.


Woodcock "Scovsneppe". Foto: Hanelie Sidhu

The Dunnocks “Jernspurv” are coming, we hear them singing in the garden every morning now, and with three new ringed individuals, it was still the leading species among the new ringed birds.


Dunnock "Jernspurv". Foto: Hanelie Sidhu

Hans came during the morning to cut some bushes and Henrik and I put the branches on the car-trailer, so we can drive them out of the garden tomorrow. Svend-Erik left us this morning, he will drive home after a trip to Bøto. We had some nice days with him here and hope to welcome him again soon. Later around closing time, the sun came out and melded the thin snow layer and although it is still quite cold, and later during the day, Ole came back and we sat in the sun eating ice cream, you can believe again now, that spring is about to come.


Folk på stationen: Hans Lind, Hanelie Sidhu, Henrik Jørgensen, Ole Friis Larsen og vores gæst Svend-Erik.