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A nice winter day

torsdag 3. november 2016
af Laila Aranda Romero

Today, we can state that the winter has arrived, or at least, it seems to me the perfect gorgeous winter day: no wind at all, no clouds, sunny and bit cold. And of course, we've waked up with a nice frost on the grass as it's a must ;)!!! I love these days!!!. We were looking forward to see what today would bring us as the forecast was promising and perfect for ringing. Unfortunately, we've enjoyed another slowly day with a total of 40 new individuals ringed, but it's been quite diverse on species (13 different), making more interesting and enjoyable day. Our highlights for today have been the male Firecrest, the Long-Tailed Tits and the Bramblings.

IMG 2679

IMG 2688


Totals: Wren  2  /  Robin  2  /   Blackbird  3  /  Goldcrest  1  /  Firecrest  1  /  Long-tailed Tit 13  /  Blue Tit  8  /   Great Tit 1  /  Brambling  2  /  Greenfinch  3  /  Goldfinch  1  /  Siskin  1  /  Northern Bullfinch  2