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Where are the birds, will they still come?

mandag 22. maj 2023
It starts to become a little bit worrying or should I say alarming that we have so few birds till now.
af Robert Luttik

Today again hardly birds in the garden in total 11 (8 new and 3 recaptures). I hope the birds will still arrive, but have no idea whether this will influence the breeding result of many species. Normally many birds lay their eggs in the May month, but when they are not there they have to start later. Maybe it is the cold weather or the long period of easterly wind that we have the last few weeks. This probably also influences the number of insects available for food. Some people that catch moths, as I do, complain that there are less than normal.

vangst 22mei2023

 Luckely the moths gave me some more work today, still not many, but some nice ones. In total 29 moths and 18 species. Two were new for me: the Puss Moth (Hermelinskåbe) and the Orange Footman (Guldgul Lavspinder). In addition to those two I have choosen to show an additional moth: the Chinees Character (Silkevinge) a funny moth. If you do not know it is a moth you would think it is a kind of dropping.

moths 22mei2023


 Hermlinskåbe (Puss Moth)


Guldgul Lavspinder (Orange Footman)


Chinese Character (Silkevinge)

Till tomorrow