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Winding down

fredag 11. november 2016
af Simon Davies

A lovely, generally sunny day with only a few showers to spoil things; despite the fine conditions the nets and the skies were pretty quiet – perhaps we did use up all the birds in October and the recent snow has halted proceedings.   I managed 26 new birds, mainly consisting of 10 Lesser Redpolls and 9 Common Redpolls (including another one of the huge adult male Common Redpolls with a wing of 81 – I wonder where that population is from?).

Today's totals -   1 Wren / Gaerdesmutte;   1 Robin / Roedhals;   3 Blackbird / Solsort;   1 Greenfinch / Groenirisk;   9 Common Redpoll / Nordlig Grasisken;   10 Lesser Redpoll / Lille Grasisken;   1 Northern Bullfinch / Stor Dompap

                Around 70 Waxwings flew over the garden in two flocks, several Northern Bullfinches remained in the garden and a big flock of 500+ Barnacle Geese fed in nearby fields – that was about it for the day!

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