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Visit from Sweden

fredag 29. september 2023
af Robert Luttik

Today I opened only 150 meter net, because I as the only ringer and I did not want to have too many blue tits. I caught in total 76 birds (2 recaptures). As the days before the topspecies in number were the Blue Tit and the Chiffchaff.

The recapture of the Chiffchaff was ringed in Sweden.

table 29092023

Tomorrow will be a busy day. There will be a course for new ringers and Hans was very busy with preparing for tomorrow, with a litle help of Gert. The house will be full. A big contrast with the days before. Lets see what it will bring.

Moths of the day: Today 15 species, of which one new for the season: the Diamondback Moth (Kålmøl, see picture). This moth is considered to be a pest, because it eats leaves of cruciferous plants including cabbages.

moths 29092023

 koolmot            Diamondback Moth