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Looking for birds, butterflies and moths...

lørdag 8. juni 2024
af Hanelie Sidhu

The ringing:

Again, a cold June morning started when Jens and I went out opening the nets. Jens got two recaps and two new birds today, but for me it was 07.15 until I got my first and only bird to handle today, a recapture Blackbird “Solsort”.



Jens left today after ringing and checking the tip, hopefully, there will be some more birds at his next stay at the station.


The moths:

There were 16 moth species in the traps today, one difficult Oligia needed to remain unidentified. The other moth were all species I knew already quite well so due to the lack of birds, I was already finished with identifying all moth by 06.00.

That was effective, but I would not have minded a bit more work…

My favourite species of today were Phalera bucephala “Måneplet” and Aphomia sociella “Humlevoksmøl”.


Phalera bucephala “Måneplet”



Aphomia sociella “Humlevoksmøl”




There should be at least one bird picture in a bird observatory´s blog, but I just did not have one until Gert and I did a short trip to look for butterfiels at the dyke of Gedesby strand this afternoon. There were not many butterfly species flying but we saw this beautiful Stonechat "Sortstrubet Bynkefugl", so here it is, the bird picture. Mission completed for today!



Stonechat "Sortstubet Bynkefugl", Foto: Gert Jeppesen


People: Jens Friis-Walsted, Gert Jeppesen, Tina Elley, Jasper Mosman, Hanelie Sidhu