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Not many birds, but many moths!

mandag 17. juni 2024
af Hanelie Sidhu
The ringing:
Five new birds in the ringing today and no recaps. After ringing, we exchanged one of the nets in the garden. While we were doing our rounds, we cut some more branches. The hares are not shy at all, sometimes, when we are walking through the garden, they are nearly running into us.
The moths: 

It was a good day for catching moths today, I had 23 species in the trap. Elophila nymphaeata “Åkandehalvmøl” was a new species for me.


Elophila nymphaeata “Åkandehalvmøl”


Also Hans had some new species for the year in his garden, we will show Hypsopygia costalis “Guldfarvet halvmøl” in this blog.


Hypsopygia costalis “Guldfarvet halvmøl"




News of the station:

Ole came back to the station from Berlin today, let´s hope, the weather will be better so he can sucessfully do the nightcounts, that he was already planning to do last time he was here.


People: Ole Friis Larsen, Henrik Jørgensen, Gert Jeppesen, Hans Lind, Jasper Mosman, Hanelie Sidhu