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A migrant fresh from the nest

onsdag 3. juli 2024
af Hanelie Sidhu

The ringing:


A recapture Dunnock "Jernspurv" from the morning

No rain this morning, that was good news, but it was a bit windy and cold. I caught 12 birds, 7 of them new and five recaptures. At the moment, my highlights are the 1K birds, these were a young House Sparrow “Gråspurv” and a very young Icterine Warbler “Gulbug”, that looked like it was not out of the nest for long. The Icterine Warbler “Gulbug” is a very noisy and vocal species. This little bird did not show this behaviour yet and stayed calm and quiet until it was released. I am sure, it will learn soon. And although this might be annoying for the ringer, it is just a good thing. Birds are wild, it is a pleasure to handle them but the most important thing is, that we just keep them for collecting our data and then let them continue their fascinating and impressive lives. Not long, maybe one and a half moth, two at maximum, and this bird will be on it´s way to Africa, without the care of its parents. We might meet it some more times in the garden until then and after, we hope to have it back here next spring.


The moth:

Windy nights do not make many moth fly, but there is always something nice in the trap or on the wall. Today, Biston betularia “Birkemåler” and Deilephila elpenor “Dueurtsværmer” were the highlights.


Biston betularia “Birkemåler”


News of the station:

Today, two employees of Naturstyerlsen were here and repaired the wooden gate at the entrance of the garden. Hans came shortly to see them and helped me closing the nets.

People: Hans Lind, Hanelie Sidhu