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Leopard moth

torsdag 4. juli 2024
af Hanelie Sidhu

New 1K Graspurvjpeg hs

What an adorable 1K House Sparrow "Gråspurv" from this morning!

The ringing:

It was a rather windy morning, but the rain just started after closing time, so perfect timing although there was not much to catch today… I had one new 1K House Sparrow “Gråspurv” and two recaptures, one of them was one of the young Common Whitethroat “Tornsanger” siblings and the other a Garden Warbler “Havesanger”. Nevertheless, I hardly entered the House after opening the nets, I was moving the poles with nets into the shed, labelling them, so the next person who uses them knows, how long they are, how many pockets, etc. and exchanged the green pole, which was attached to one of the field poles to a bamboo pole, as the green poles are usually used for the garden. Furthermore, I was occupied with the moth, there were not many, but two new…


The moths:

The most abundant moths species in the trap at the moment Mythimna pallens “Halmugle” and Ampamea monoglypha “Jordugle”. There were not so many other species in the trap, but two new ones: Ostrinia nubilalis “Majshalvmøl” and Zeuzera pryna “Plettet træborer” called Leopard moth in English. A fun name due to its appearance, even more fitting would be Snow-Leopard moth in my opinion ;-)


Ostrinia nubilalis “Majshalvmøl”



Zeuzera pryna “Plettet træborer”


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