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A decent season for the short/ middle-distance migrants

fredag 5. juli 2024
af Hanelie Sidhu

The ringing:

No ringing today because of rain and strong wind.

Continuing with my little analyses of the season:

It is already nearly two weeks ago (see the blog entry of the 23 of June 2024), that I showed diagrams of three long-distance migrants and compared the abundancies of these birds in 2024 to their abundancies last year, 2023, and five years ago, 2019. It turned out, that this spring was a bad season for our long-distance migrants. But what about short/middle-distance migrants?
To find out, I looked at the season totals of Chiffchaff “Gransanger” and Blackcap “Munk”.
The Chiffchaff “Gransanger” seemed to have a pretty good season last year in 2023. This year, its abundance was notably lower, but compared to 2019, this year’s totals were not much lower.


The Blackcap seems to have had a decent year, approximately the same number of birds have been ringed as last year.


However, it is noticeable that a big number of both Chiffchaff “Gransanger” and Blackcap “Munk” arrived earlier this year than in the previous years. Significantly more Chiffchaffs “Gransanger” arrived already in March this year. The same phenomenon is becoming apart in the abundance of Blackcaps “Munk”. While most birds are usually coming in May, they already arrived in April this year.
(To read the previous season analyses blog posts: 15.06., 23.06.)

The moth:

Very few moth species in the trap today, mainly Mythimna pallens “Halmugle” and Apamea monoglypha “Jordugle”. I will show Hoplodrina blanda “Skinnende mus”, I do not get it often.


Hoplodrina blanda “Skinnende mus”


News of the station:

Thanks to Henning Gammel, our lawn is short again. Just after he left, Jasper came with a friend, to show her the station and we had coffee and tea together.

People: Henning Gammel, Jasper Mosman and a friend, Hanelie Sidhu