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A first calendar year Robin "Rødhals"

lørdag 6. juli 2024
af Hanelie Sidhu

The ringing:


This mornings first calendar year Robin "Rødhals"

This time of the year is definitely not the most exiting or challenging. The garden is rather quiet, most birds are occupied with eighter still breeding but mostly hatching their young. But this is the special thing about that time of year: Every day, the freshly hatched bird of a new species can land in the net. Today, it was time again, I took the first first calendar year Robin “Rødhals” out of the net in the first round. When I approached the net, I saw another bird coming close to the net and calling, probably a parent that was worried about its hatchling. I extracted the bird from the net, it got a ring on and measured and soon, it was released, close to the net where I took it out, so it could easily find its parents again. In another net, I found today two Common Whitethroats “Tornsanger” next to each other, a young bird and an adult, probably the mother with its hatchling. Else not so many birds today, six new and 4 recaps, but I had some moth to look at.


The moths:

Atthough, I must say, it was probably the least interesting arrangement of moth species today. Mythimna pallens “Halmugle and Apamea monoglypha “Jordugle” were very abundant while I didn´t have many other species today. But nature is not a request programme and this is just a good thing.


Not in the trap but an interesting finding behind the house: The larvae of Acronicta rumicis "Syreugle"


News of the station:

In the morning, Anne-Marie came shortly to the station to bring some purchases for the house to the station. Since the late morning, I am observing a first calendar year Black Redstart “Husrødstjert” jumping and flying around the house. It especially likes the stairs going up to the attic, but also landed on the window still of the meeting room. Just now, there was a heavy rain shower with thunder and lightning.  While the Black Redstart “Husrødstjert” shook itself, bobbed its tail and flew and jumped around under and on the stairs outside, however, the hare did not seem impressed at all and continued nibbling the grass close to the house. Now the storm is over and they both left the sheltered place. I am sure I will meet them again tomorrow. On the forecast it says very strong wind, so let´s see, if it will be possible to open some nets…

På stationen: Anne-Marie Raith, Hanelie Sidhu