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Evening ringing

søndag 7. juli 2024
af Hanelie Sidhu

After the little thunderstorm yesterday evening, the wind really picked up. I stayed up long and just before the last light was gone, I went out in the garden and to the pond, to check, if the wind did not open one of the nets. They were all fine, I had done the closing job well, but just to be safe, I used some pegs to secure them. When my alarm woke me up early in the next morning, I stepped out of the house, but the wind had not slowed down at all. That meant, I could sleep a bit longer before checking the moth trap and after, I used the time to learn for the university exam, I will have at home. I was quite productive but at some point, it was really time for a pause and I happily noticed, that the wind had slowed down a lot, so I went out to open the nets in the late afternoon. Outside, it had 25 degrees, I was a bit surprised and did not like it so much, that the lab seemed to have turned into a sauna. Now it is cooling down a bit and I am writing the blog between the rounds, so far just recaps. But to avoid it getting too late, I will not write more about the ringing, but just add the totals later.

The  ringing:


Greenfinch "Grønirisk" just before beeing released out of the lab


The moths:

Which moths will fly in that weather, I thought on my round through the garden yesterday in the late evening. But whatever, maybe I would show them a sheltered place with the light. Indeed, there were not many species, but one that is not new, but a very nice one, Herminia grisealis "Grå-snudeugle". I will show it to you, I think the colour in combination with the pattern on the wings is really pretty.

H.grisealis.jpegHerminia grisealis "Grå-snudeugle"


Not a moth, but Hans had a new garden species today: In the afternoon, he got a visit of Papilo machaon “Svalehale” in his garden!


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