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Not too full for a foolish day

lørdag 1. april 2017
af Marie Chevalier

Today, we were three people today to be ringing so we opened all the nets at 6am in a nice spring weather with no wind, hoping to have a good amount of birds.
Johanne and Clausjannig are both use to come to the station and are here for the weekend. It has been a good day with 72 new birs ringed.
We had a nice "couple" of redpolls! First nice looking male in the hand of this spring!


We also had a couple of interesting retraps! A blackbird and a white wagtail which were ringed here as young birds in 2015 and a great tit which as been ringed as an adult bird in spring 2015! This mean that this great tit was born at least in 2013 and is at least 4 years old!

Birds ringed today:
Hvid vipstjert - White wagtail : 2
Gædersmutte - Wren: 7
Jernspurv - Dunnock: 20
Rødhals - robins: 14
Solsort - Blackbirds: 2
Vindrossel - Redwing: 3
Gransanger - Chiffchaff: 3
Fuglekonge - goldcrest: 2
Bogfinke - chaffinch: 5
Grønirisk - Greenfinch: 1
Grønsisken - Siskins: 10
Nordlig gråsisken - Redpolls flammea: 2