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Another stranger!

onsdag 5. april 2017
af Marie Chevalier

Today, it was still very quiet at 5,30am but the wind increased through the whole morning as the weather forecast had predicted.
And then came a light but wet rain for about half an hour. I closed some nets at that point.In the end, I managed to ring 30 birds this morning despite this bad weather and the fact that there were not many bird around. Dunnocks were the most abundant, but chiffchaff are definitely on their way too. They has been a few of them caught these last days!


What's more, though, is that I was lucky enough to get another foreign ring today! This time, it was a swedish ring on a Dunnock! We should hear from it soon!

Birds ringed today:
Gærdesmutte- Wren: 6
Jernspurv - dunnock: 12
Rødhals - Robin: 7
Gransanger - chiffchaff: 3

Vindrossel - Redwing:1

Sangdrossel - Song trush: 1