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Now, this is a great morning!

torsdag 27. april 2017
af Marie Chevalier

This morning, it was still very cold in the morning, and the grass was frosten in some places. There was almost no wind this morning and it changed direction slowly from West to South. We were expecting a great day and we had one!

The really exciting bird of the day was definitely the subalpine warbler that we caught around 7am. Hans had the pleasure to ring it. This little bird (9,8 gramms!) is really not usual in Denmark and Northern Europe, it is a bird most commonly seen around the Mediterranen sea! This was the second one ever caught in Gedser, the first one was in may 2015. We aged it as a young male, maybe of the Eastern subspecies but we still are waiting for some experienced advices to stick to our decision. It flew out alright and was not seen again in the garden through all day.


Even without that rarity, this was a fine morning with 90 birds ringed! We also had our first goldfinch of the year in late morning. There were also more stunning males of redstarts. And now that we have had our first curruca yesterday, they keep on arriving and we had 4 new ones today!

Birds ringed today:
Jernspurv - Dunnock: 11
Rødhals - robins: 48
Rødstjert - common redstart: 2
Solsort - Blackbird: 1
Sangrossel - Song trush: 1
Hvidskægget Sanger - Subalpine warbler:1
Gædersanger - Lesser whitethroat:4
Munk - Blackcap: 3
Gransanger - Chiffchaff: 9
Løvsanger - Willow warbler: 8
Bogfinke - Chaffinch: 1
Stillits - Goldfinch: 1