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River Warbler - Flodsanger

mandag 22. maj 2017
af Rune Skjold Tjørnløv
For the luxury of our International followers.. Here is the Gedser blog post in English. 

The Gedser team spirit continues with one ringer exchanging the other to ensure that the full migration season is covered. I arrived late Sunday evening hoping for three magic days with nice spring birds in the hand and maybe some overshooting raptors or other rare visitor flying over. 

I can only say that it all started out well! Early monday morning when I approached the first net in the front yard, I saw three birds dangling from about middle net height. I turned the first one around and... BOOM... River Warbler. The undertail coverts of this bird are so characteristic and yet so pretty! I quickly called Hans, Gert and Kristoffer, who had remained at the station for an extra few days of birding. They arrived shortly after together with Vibeke (Væggerløse) and were all very thrilled. Hans got to ring the little celebrity, as I have already had the pleasure a few times before (at the same time of year). 

As you can see, it is indeed a nice-looking bird...


IMG 2672



flodsanger 1


flodsanger 2


The River warbler has a wide distribution to the south-east of Denmark and Gedser, but appears to have become more regular in recent years. Perhaps as a result of climate change pushing the northern borderline futher north or as a result of high productivity in the nearby populations in Germany and Poland. This was the ninth River warbler ever to be ringed in Gedser with five individuals since 2012, making the species an almost annual visitor. 

Morning weather was extremely good for bird ringing and relaxtion... almost no wind, sunny and warm. In total 39 birds were ringed this morning. For more details See Dofbasen! Later in the morning an Osprey came out of nowhere and flew west, but must have returned as the same individual was spotted by Kristoffer a bit further north. 

After a short siesta our neighbour Henrik and I went machine and finished off with two cold blackberry beers and nice meals at Najaden by Gedser Marina. 

IMG 2698

IMG 2704

Another magic day at Gedser -  another day to remember and another reason to come back :-)