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Wind gone, fog arrived and the first Gærdesanger of the year

lørdag 14. april 2018
af Robert Luttik

This morning the wind was much less than the three days before and we (me and Clausjannic Labuz) decided to open all nets. The morning was not really warm and around 9 o’clock fog came from the sea. Fog makes the nets wet and therefore we decided to close the nest early (10.30).

The day brought us 107 birds (76 new ones and 31 recaptures. One new Rødtoppet Fuglekonge (Firecrest), a Stor Dompap (Northern Bullfinch) and the first few Gærdesanger (Lesser whitethroat). The first one we caught this day had a very worn tail (see picture). Going to Africa and coming back is evidently not always easy.

Tomorrow will be my last day and I assume that de blog will be again in Danish. I have had a nice time here, sometimes lonely, but a few days with a lot of interesting birds.

So I say "farvel", but am sure that I will pop up again in the future. Gedser Fuglestation is a nice place to be.



braamsluiper tail

Worn tail of Gærdesanger

Todays catches and recaptures:

Species Newly ringed Recaptures
Gærdesmutte/Wren 3 2
Jernspurv/Dunnock 8 5
Rødhals/Robin 39 20
Solsort/Blackbird 1  
Sangdrossel/Song thrush 2  
Vindrossel/Redwing 1  
Gaerdesanger/Lesser Whitethroat 3  
Gransanger/Chiffchaff 5  
Fuglekonge/Goldcrest 12 3
Rødtoppet Fuglekonge/Firecrest 1 1
Stor Dompap/Northern bullfinch 1  
Total 76 31

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