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The garden is empty

mandag 14. maj 2018
af Robert Luttik

Hardly any new birds, most of the old ones are gone or do know where the nets are standing. We caught only 14 birds today (nine new and 5 recaptures). The garden looks empty, some birds singing but no birds flying around.

There was one very beautifull bird. Again a Karmindompap/Common Rosefinch, but this time a male (nicely red). Was also one of the last birds we caught.

Photo gallery

Closeup of Engpiber/Anthus pratensis caught yesterday evening and the male Karmindompap/Common Rosefinch

 engpiber rl


 karmindompap 3

Table with number of birds caught and number of recaptures 

Species Newly ringed Recaptures
Rødhals/Robin   2
Tornsanger/Common Whitethroat 1 1
Gulbug/Icterine Warbler   1
Løvsanger/Willow Warbler 7  
Tornirisk/Common Linnet   1
Karmindompap/Common Rosefinch 1  
Total 9 5