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The garden is still rather empty

tirsdag 15. maj 2018
af Robert Luttik

Today 23 birds caught in six and a half hour (17 new and 6 recaptures). We needed some birds because the Fuglestation was visted by a group of people. Luckely we could show them some birds. The group was taken care by the three boys: Hans, Gert and Benny and Dina and I had to provide them with the ones to show.

Early in the morning we caught the third Nattergal/Thrush Nightingale of the year. The other species were the normal ones for the time of the year.

Tomorrow the last day for Dina and me, lets hope it will be an exciting one.

Photo gallery

Hans the teacher and his group and the Nattergal/Thrush Nightingale (bird could been sharper, but it was a bird that did not want to sit stil and I do not like that very much and let it go).

 hans and the group

nattergal rl4 

Table with the birds caught today (new ones and recaptures)

Species Newly ringed Recaptures
Gærdesmutte/Wren   1
Jernspurv/Dunnock 3 1
Rødhals/Robin   1
Nattergal/Thrush Nightingale 1  
Solsort/Blackbird 1  
Gaerdesanger/Lesser Whitethroat 1  
Tornsanger/Common Whitethroat 1 2
Havesanger/Garden Warbler 2  
Løvsanger/Willow Warbler 5  
Musvit/Great Tit 1  
Bogfinke/Chaffinch 1  
Gulspurv/Yellowhammer 1 1
Total 17 6

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