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Last day of Robert and Dina; not bad not bad at all.

onsdag 16. maj 2018
af Robert Luttik

This time a little bit later than normal. We had the nets open at 4.30 and closed them at 11.00. After bird catching we cleaned the house. That is part of the job. We got a clean and nice house and we tried to do the same. After tomorrow Clausjannic and Nina will take over. Tomorrow the birds in the garden will have a day off. Hans is painting his kitchen and that has to be done too. Hans brought us to the bus and after a trip of almost 4 hours (three busses and two trains) I was home. Traveling to and from Gedser is not easy nowadays when you do not have a car.

The garden is nice with a lot of flowers (see one of the pictures). We caught 33 birds (27 new and 6 recaptures. In total 14 species. One new one for the year a Rørsanger/Reed warbler and the second Skovsanger/Wood warbler. This species has a relative short tail compared to the length of the wing (I have made a photo to show you). And we had the fourth Rødrygget Tornskade/Red-backed Shrike: this time a female.

It was a pleasure to be at the Fuglestation and I am quite sure that I will be back in the future.

Photo gallery

Flowering tree, Rørsanger/Reed warbler, Skovsanger/Wood warbler and the Rødrygget Tornskade/Red-backed Shrike.



wood warbler

grauwe klauwier vrouw

Table with the bird species caught today (newly ringed and recaptures)

Species Newly ringed Recaptures
Gærdesmutte/Wren 1  
Jernspurv/Dunnock 2 2
Rødhals/Robin   1
Rørsanger/Reed Warbler 1  
Skovsanger/Wood Warbler 1  
Gulbug/Icterine Warbler 2  
Solsort/Blackbird   1
Gaerdesanger/Lesser Whitethroat 5  
Tornsanger/Common Whitethroat 5 1
Havesanger/Garden Warbler 4  
Gransanger/Chiffchaff 1  
Løvsanger/Willow Warbler 3 1
Rødrygget Tornskade/Red-backed Shrike 1  
Bogfinke/Chaffinch 1  
Total 27 6

With kind regards and till the next time