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Tree pipits and blackberry cake!

torsdag 9. august 2018
af Ana de Osma

Good day today!

The day started at 4:30, opening the nets. After the slow day yesterday we were hoping for a better day today and we got it. At 5:00 all the nets were open and ready to catch many birds, we went home to have breakfast and wait excited for the first round. Anders went to the tip and Anton, Rasmus and me were in charge of the ringing. It was a really good first round! We got 23 birds, almost the same as the total for yesterday! Went to the lab, Rasmus and me ringing under the supervision of Anton and ready again for the second round. Anders joined us, the migration by the tip was slow and he decided to join the ringing team. And it was really good he did it, in the second round we got almost double amount of birds than in the first one. This time Anton and Anders were in charge of the ringing due to the amount of birds. The third, fourth and fifth were slower but still good in number and species, getting a total of 110 birds.

AnabagsHappy face with half of the bags from 1 st round (Rasmus had the other half)

We got a new species for the season, Tree pipit! Two of them in the same net! And we also got the second Dunnock for the season!

38872300 319956912086722 5730298435215556608 nTree Pipit / Skovpiber


38799134 506336636445823 5629586829423411200 nDunnock / Jernspurv

Flycatchers, Redstarts and a beautiful Red-backed shrike came along with the warblers and whitethroats. It was amazing to have some diversity!

38888159 1973567309360060 6640001718580936704 nRed-backed Shrike / Rødrygget Tornskade

After the standard period, Anders and Rasmus continued with the ringing until 12:00 when they closed and joined Gert with some moths identification. Anton and me worked in the garden to finish removing the dry branches piles. We can finally say after 3 days of working: Is done!


In the afternoon Anders baked a tasty blackberry and hazelnuts cake and we couldn’t resist to eat most of it! It’s wonderful to life surrounded for blackberries!

Now is time to enjoy the last hours of the day outdoors, the guys are already in the tip enjoying the migration and I’ll run and join them as soon as I finish writing the blog!

Again, another day living and working in paradise! I can’t be happier here!

Withouth forgetting the numbers;

Today’s ringing:

Skovpiber / Tree Pipit -2
Jernspurv / Dunnock - 1
Nattergal / Thrush Nightingale - 1
Rødstjert / Common Redstart - 4
Kærsanger / Marsh Warbler - 9
Rørsanger / Reed Warbler - 3
Gulbug / Icterine Warbler - 6
Gærdesanger / Lesser Whitethroat -29
Tornsanger / Common Whitethroat - 19
Havesanger / Garden Warbler - 8
Munk / Blackcap - 4
Gransanger / Chiffchaff - 2
Løvsanger / Willow Warbler - 16
Grå Fluesnapper / Spotted Flycatcher - 2
Broget Fluesnapper / Pied Flycatcher - 2
Rødrygget Tornskade / Red-backed Shrike - 1
Tornirisk / Linnet - 1

Total: 110