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Still quiet

søndag 9. juni 2019
But the weather is really good.
af Nigel Judson

Typical coastal weather today. Clear skies and a strong breeze.

Unfortunately, not very good for catching birds. Of the three unringed birds that we caught two were a bit special. The first was a female Red-backed Shrike.

Red backed ShrikeRed-backed Shrike female

The second bird worth mentioning was the first 1k bird of the year. A young Linnet, old enough to be independent of it's parents but obviously a first year bird due to it's fresh plumage-

Linnet1k Linnet

Here are todays totals,

Blackcap       1

Red-backed Shrike      1

Linnet          1

Lesser Whitethroat        (1)

Icterine Warbler             (1)

Whitethroat                    (1)

Totals        3                   (3)