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Still quiet part 2

fredag 14. juni 2019
plus one regular
af Nigel Judson

The Rosefinch was really pleased to see me this morning and an Icterine Warbler was doing it's best to mimic a Thrush Nightingale but sounded like the Spice Girls singing 'Nessun Dorma'.

Sunny and light breeze meant only 6 new birds and 1 retrap. Each of the first few net rounds found the same female Lesser Whitethroat in the same net. Only one thing to do - close the net and let her get on with tending the nest.

Here are todays exciting results:-

Lesser Whitethroat       1            (1)

Linnet                            1

Icterine Warbler             1

Garden Warbler             2

Blackcap                        1

Totals                              6              (1)