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And they came and came (300+)

søndag 8. september 2019
af Robert Luttik

Change of weather and there were the birds. Whole week no bird calls when opening the nets in the dark, but now they were everywhere. Crazy first round, so we decided to call Hans to help getting the birds out and also Gert has helped us. First three hours was hard work, but that is where we come for. We had a Nattergal and a Rødrygget Tornskad. Probably a day record for the Rødstjert (41) and also very many Havesanger (54). 

In total we caught 323 birds (17 species) of which only 5 were recaptures:

birds caught 8 september 2019

In the picture gallery you find an impression of the first round and the other picture is a kind of quiz, which one is which. Hope you see the differences.

first round

I do not know who made the bird bags but today we used them almost all. Thanks for the new ones.

which is which

I will go early to bed today, I am tired.

With kind regards