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First sparrowhawk of the autumn

torsdag 12. september 2019
af Robert Luttik

Today to much wind and no new influx during the night and early morning. At Gedser Odde they had a lot of sparrowhawks and other raptors and it resulted in one that was flying in one of the special sparrowhawks nets that we have at the station. We only caught 24 birds, but nevertheless we had 15 different species. In the picture gallery of today you can find the picture of a first year male Spurvehøg, a picture of two "Musviter" one before moulting and one after moulting (they are both born this year) and a picture of a Kærsanger.

Despite the low number of birds Hans could show the visitors of the "Skattestyrelsen" a Spurvehøg and a Skovpiber. I think they were happy with the visit.

Picture gallery:



reed warbler

Birds caught today (new ones and recaptures):

birds caught 12 september 2019

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