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Some long-tailed friends drop by

mandag 7. oktober 2019
af Gail Stride

The station is jam packed full of super keen birders - this week as well as myself, Ramón, Vagn, Esben and Alex we have two visitors from Norway, Celia from Spain, Robert has returned, and Anders and Ole who are manning the tip. In fact it was lucky there were so many of us because the first round this morning was solid - a lot of the nets had many more than 10 birds and as it is starting to get pretty chilly we were keen to get them out. As per usual we had a lot of goldcrests, chiffchaffs and robins, but also a nice variety of other species - blackbirds, song thrushes, blue tits, house and tree sparrows, green finches, dunnocks…full list below as always.

WhatsApp Image 2019 10 07 at 22.12.10

After the first round the nets went quiet and we ended up closing after midday. So we were out enjoying the afternoon sun when, in an exciting turn of events, eagle-eared Anders picked up the chatter of some long tailed tits and everyone jumped into action: binoculars out, high net up, the bird call on the speaker…and surprisingly rapid success! We soon had nine long-tailed tits in the net, and a robin who decided to join the party. A new species for many of us to ring, and a new sub-species for the norwegians. They are stunning birds.

WhatsApp Image 2019 10 07 at 22.12.09

Please note, we are not holding the bird by the legs!

Later we had more excitement when we caught three barn swallows in the sparrowhawk nets - very cool, very little legs!

That's all for now, bed time!


Species 07.10.19