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Rain and too much wind

tirsdag 8. oktober 2019
So we started late
af Robert Luttik

The Tuesday started with a lot of rain and too much wind. So we stayed in bed and opened around 11.30 some of the nets. So no standard catching day. As written before we are with quite a number of people and today we let the trainees do the ringing and we had a lot of time to talk and debate the aging of the birds.

We only got 18 birds (12 new and 6 recaptures) and 8 species. Even the hare was not really running away when we were passing him/her (see picture).

catches 08 september 2019


Hope tomorrow better (but the forecast is not really promising)

With kind regards


PS.   Sorry for the late entry. Yesterday we were checking the data in the computer for mistakes (that was making Hans happy) and later some tried to catch waders in the dark at the beach (no success) and we just forgot the blog.