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Family business

tirsdag 22. oktober 2019
af Alejandro Corregidor

Today started way more calmed than expected. Odds were that it would be a big day again, but the wind stopped us from dreaming. A first good round was followed by several not-so-good ones (few birds here and there). 

However, we kept the nets opened during the whole day, and then surprises started to arrive. The first surprise was a group of siskins (adults and juveniles, males and females), that were good for practicing our id skills. The same round, at the last net, a group of 11 long-tailed tits was waiting to be ringed.


Fluffy ball

After this, we kept the nets open for a couple of hours, and decided to close at around 17.00. Great surprise! 2 birds in the last round, one of them a Great Grey Shrike (Stor Tornskade). One new species for the list! :D 


Right now we are about to go to bed after yesterday we stayed up until 01.30 looking for owls. Esben made an amazing lasagna, and my brain is starting to feel sleepy (sorry for not writing in Danish). We will see you tomorrow!

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