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lørdag 26. oktober 2019
af Gail Stride

Today was incredibly windy! As a result we weren’t able to open any net until the afternoon, save for the two sparrowhawk nets which we opened around 8.30am. Even with the nets open we caught very few birds – it was just far too windy for anything to be flying around! We did, however, catch a very handsome adult male sparrowhawk. It was nice to see the clear distinction in breast patterning, eye colour, and overall appearance in relation to the juvenile sparrowhawks that we have so far had in the hand. Later in the afternoon we caught a redwing and a number of goldcrests and robins, but in very low numbers, and many of them recaptures from the last few days.

WhatsApp Image 2019 10 26 at 21.22.48

That left us with time for yoga, writing, and making epic quantities of apple compote from the windfalls around the garden.

WhatsApp Image 2019 10 26 at 21.22.45

Tomorrow is looking similarly windy so we have low expectations, but you never know!



WhatsApp Image 2019 10 26 at 21.41.54